Roll Slitting

At GCN, our capabilities extend to accommodating a diverse array of materials, ranging from PVC, PET, double-sided adhesives, to protective films. We adhere to rigorous quality assurance standards, including first article and PPAP inspection processes, to meticulously verify part conformance with all applicable specifications.

In addition to our expertise in material handling and inspection, we specialize in roll slitting services, enabling precise and efficient cutting of materials into narrower rolls with consistent width and quality. Whether you need customized slitting for specific applications or standard sizing for production efficiency, our roll slitting services deliver superior results.

Roll Slitting

Rotary Roll to Roll Slitting Rewind
Slitting Score Slitting
Shear Slitting Single Knife Log Slitting
Slit rolls as small as 2mm with a fully automatic working cycle.

PVC foams
Protective films
Pressure sensitive adhesives,
VHB tapes
Masking tapes

3M, NovaGard, Nitto, Pregis

Weather stripping insulation, specialty tapes, packaging tapes, liners, etc.

SPC Studies PPAP First Article, IATF 16949, ISO 9001:2015

Adhesion TEsting Environmental
Testing Moisture Resistance Peel
Testing Functional Testing
Dimensional Inspection (Optical Comparators)

JIT Shipping Kanban Management
Custom Inventory Management Solutions

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