PVC Foams

PVC foams are available in various colors, densities, and sizes to cater to our customers’ evolving requirements. Our foam materials provide effective shock absorption and vibration dampening, and their closed-cell structure serves as a barrier against light, air, dust, and moisture. Additionally, they exhibit resistance to a wide range of solvents and chemicals and meet the FMVSS 302 fire resistance standard.

Automotive PVC Foams

Automotive PVC foams offer a lightweight and versatile solution for various automotive applications. These foams are known for their excellent cushioning, vibration dampening, and insulating properties. With resistance to solvents and chemicals, automotive PVC foams provide reliability and safety while meeting industry standards, making them a preferred choice for interior and exterior automotive components.

High Temperature Foams

High Temperature (HT) Foams are soft, closed-cell materials designed to outperform expensive EPDM alternatives while maintaining cost-effectiveness. EPDM, with its lofty, open-cell structure, excels in sealing against water and dust but lacks the high-temperature performance of HT polymeric foams. 100% closed-cell HT foams offer superior resilience, minimal thickness loss under compression, and better cost-efficiency than crushed EPDM, withstanding higher temperatures

Industrial PVC Foams

Industrial PVC Foams are versatile materials used across various applications. These closed-cell foams offer excellent sealing, insulation, and cushioning properties. With a broad range of densities, they provide tailored solutions for specific requirements. Ideal for industrial use, these PVC foams offer reliability, durability, and cost-effectiveness, making them a preferred choice for a wide range of applications.

Medical Grade Foams

Medical Grade Foams offer cost-effective, flexible, and low-density PVC foam for tight radius curve sealing. With a temperature range from -40°F to 172°F (-40°C to 78°C), these foams meet rigorous standards, are sulfur-free, low VOC, and compliant with Prop 65. Resistant to UV, petroleum, and cleaning solutions, they are customizable to your needs, available in various gauges, colors, with or without pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), and a shelf life of 6 months with adhesive or 2 years without adhesive when stored below 75°F.

Specialty Foams

We provide an array of specialized closed-cell foams tailored for specific applications. Our casting capabilities encompass various substrates, such as paper, high-release paper, PET/mylar (in 2 and 3 mil gauges), and aluminum. Our dedicated Research and Development team collaborates with you to create customized PVC or PVN foam solutions. Our specialty foams are available in a range of densities, thicknesses, colors, and ratings.

UL Approved Foams

UL-certified products have undergone rigorous testing according to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards, a global leader in product safety evaluation for over a century. Foam Seal’s UL-classified PVC foams are suitable for applications demanding fire retardancy or a fire rating. It’s important to note that while our products adhere to specific UL ratings mentioned in the product name, this doesn’t automatically extend UL ratings to your own product.

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