Electronics Industry

We specialize in manufacturing gaskets using a variety of materials such as neoprene, PVC, composites, and more, specifically designed for thermal and barrier shielding applications in the electronics sector.

Our gaskets are utilized in a wide range of electronic devices including phones, computers, televisions, electric vehicle (EV) batteries, airplanes, and cars to provide reliable protection against thermal and electromagnetic interference.

In addition to gaskets, we offer membrane switch adhesives, conductive gaskets, shock control thermal pads, and other specialized components tailored for the unique needs of the electronics industry. Our comprehensive product line ensures effective solutions for shielding, insulation, and thermal management in electronic applications.

Electronics Industry
Shock Control Thermal Pads
Membrane Switch Adhesives
LCD Gaskets
Display Lenses
Thermal & Barrier Shielding
Magnet Bonding

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